The Psyhco in Me

We’ve all been there…whether we like to admit it or not, we have. Just maybe not as drastic as I was…Maybe just through Facebook or Twitter or whatever…

Here’s my story….I was in love…or so I thought…The guy was a few years younger than me, but he was so different than other guys. (Aren’t they always??) He was romantic, and thoughtful, and sweet, and charming, and wanted to spend all his time with me….he was everything but a normal guy. I couldn’t get enough of him nor him me. He practically moved in with me and never wanted to hang out with anyone else. Then time passed and things changed. I started seeing him less because he had things to “do.” Slowly but surely, reality set in and I realized how wrong I really was about him. He’s not who I thought he was. He just put on a good show to suck me in…Then….was just like every other guy I have ever met. He cheated on me. I was heart broken. It was with a girl he worked with…even younger than him (Always for the younger chicks, right??) At first it started with little stories about her and what they did at work…”Oh, every Wednesday one of us stops and gets hot dogs. That’s our lunch”….”Oh, she’s so cool. She stopped by my friends house and I just happen to be there….and we played rock band.”…”I’m trying to set her best friend up with my friend.”…”Oh, that wasn’t her who just text me saying “Hello?!”….Some of the little stories could make sense, but others didn’t. Why would she write him saying “Hello?” unless he’d had already been texting and then didn’t reply to her last message or she was expecting one from him? And it’s crazy how she just happen to show up at his friends…which she has NO connection to at all….Yeah, well…the feeling crept over me. The suspicion set in…and I was determined to find out without having to bluntly ask because I knew he would only lie any way. I knew he was seeing her. I just had to find out for myself. I had to see it with my own eyes….and so…the journey began. At first, I drove by his house….he wasn’t there so on to his friends..(which I might add was 30 mins away from where I live)….and his car was there…along with another car I’ve never seen before…so I parked my car down the street and snuck up close to the house and sat there in the bushes and waited. ..I text him while I was there and it went something like:

“Ah babe, I wish you were here. I really miss you.”

(him)…”I miss you too love. I’m just over at my aunts and my mom will be mad if I leave. You know how mom is.”

“I know. Have fun 😦 tell your mom I said hey and text me later.”

….All this while I am sitting outside his friends house, knowing he is inside. Finally he walked out…and so did she. They were laughing and then started dancing around in the driveway…no joke…just ball room dancing while I hid there and watched…then kissed…and she left. My heart sank. I knew my gut feeling was right. I knew the things he said about her really were weird and that it wasn’t just me…Hurt and fury and every bad emotion flooded through me. What an idiot I was…… Then I text him again…

“You sure are a good dancer. It’s over. Your shit will be at the dumpster behind my apartments.”


About Crazy A...

I'm a rambler. I like to talk about random, beauty, music, etc.
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2 Responses to The Psyhco in Me

  1. Eva Cornejo says:

    Ouch! I’m so sorry this happened to you, but I’m glad you trusted your instincts.

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