How to pick a card for a father like that?


Yesterday was fathers day. I took time out of my weekend to go see my dad, even though I feel like he never made much effort to see me when I was younger. It was actually kinda nice. He hasn’t had a drop to drink since Feb. this year and that is a huge deal to me and my older sister. See, he’s been an alcoholic my whole life. Had beer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s weird seeing him now. I feel like the connection I should have with him isn’t there. It’s hard to put my walls down after all this time. The hurt he caused when I was little is hard to forget. Sometimes neglect is worse that physical abuse. Well, to me it is, but I’ve never been physically abused. I bought my dad 3 shirts and a card. The shirts were easy to pick out….but the card…that part was hard. Most of the fathers day cards say things like…”I have learn so much from you” or “you have always been there for me” or other lovey things like that. I can’t say that and I’m not going to buy a card talking about how awesome he has always been when it’s not true. I ended up getting him a card that said something like…”From your daughter, today is a day to say I love you.” Well, it may have been a smidge bit longer but that was pretty much what it said. I wrote inside something like..” I’m definitely not the best at showing it but I just want you to know that no matter what, I love you and always will. Don’t ever forget that.”… I think I did a good job on that part. What else can I really say? Maybe one day we will be like we should. Maybe…



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3 Responses to How to pick a card for a father like that?

  1. Patrick says:

    I think that shows what a kind, caring person you are…someday he will be gone, and all you will have will be the memories of how you treated him. He can’t take away what he’s done (or not done)to you, and you can’t make it all better. At least if you do the right thing, you’ll have peace in your heart.

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