Weekend plans for the 4th, RUINED!

Well, we’ve been planning this party for a few months now. Rented a $400 inflatable water slide, borrowed tables and chairs, bought horse shoes and all kinds of other “adult” fun stuff, and invited all our families and closest friends….which I might add is well over 50 people.. We’ve spent a lot of money on it…all for what??? Nothing!! It’s going to be yucky and rainy all day. ;( The only good thing is you get wet on the water slide, so at least the kids will have fun….and I will have 50+ adults around my house, which isn’t that big anyway, all crammed in there like sardines. Lord I hope the rain clears up and the weather forecast is wrong for tomorrow. 😦


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One Response to Weekend plans for the 4th, RUINED!

  1. Well it didn’t turn out so bad after all. Had about 75 people crammed in my house but all the little kids loved the slide! 🙂

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