Can You See the Excitement in My Face?

Well, Wednesday was a bad day for me. I got braces…Yes, I said BRACES! I just turned 28 this year and now officially look like I am in high school again…speaking of high school, my 10 year reunion is in a couple of months…and I have BRACES…Can’t you tell I am highly upset about it? Anyway, it started with an issue with my gums. One of my “canine” teeth sticks out more than my other teeth and because my lips are always rubbing against it, my gums have receded a little on it. I went to the orthodontist to have a consultation done for invisaline, and they told me that wasn’t an option because I have TMJ and a couple of my back teeth were pulled when I was younger and didn’t have the money or insurance to get fillings. They originally gave me something called a splint, which was suppose to help me hold my jaw in the position it is suppose to be in. I hated that thing. I couldn’t wear it. It just made it super hard to talk and even after wearing it for a few months, I never could get use to it. Now I have braces…It will supposedly help position my teeth right and pull my wisdom teeth forward to fill in the wholes where molars were, and help my hold my jaw where it should be to help “heal” the TMJ….only thing is, I have a TINY mouth and the braces look ridiculous on me! Everyone looks at me like I am so ugly with them. They hurt and I am miserable. Hopefully I can get use to them and my teeth move to the right place super fast…and my TMJ gets better and I get these things off ASAP. Oh, and to make things even better, I got poison oak on my face the day before I got the braces, so when I was having them put on, I looked like I had a nasty rash all over my face and mouth. Can’t you see how happy I am??



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