My life with Braces

Well yesterday was the first “tightening” on my braces. I’ve always considered myself to having a high pain tolerance so I wasn’t too scared about the “aftermath” feeling. Well, what I discovered is that braces are in a whole new ball park. I may have a high pain tolerance when it comes to filings and root canals and all that jazz, but my teeth being moved my pressure seems completely different.  

Yesterday evening, my two bottom teeth became extremely sensitive. I couldn’t chew a single thing… now that’s hard coming from this girl. I love food! The rest of my teeth don’t seem to bother me though. I guess the high pain tolerance helps out at least a little. 

So this morning…with my bottom 2 front teeth still sensitive….brushing my teeth was an epic fail! The back side of the tooth brush some how got rammed into…guess what?…one of my bottom front teeth. At that moment, the world ended. I can’t believe how much pain it caused. Dang it! And I was just brushing normal. Geez Louise!

Do you have braces or have you had them before? Let me know a bad experience you had. 🙂

Say Cheese!!! 



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4 Responses to My life with Braces

  1. Paul Brodie says:

    I had braces. It was awful. I cringed reading this post. An errant tooth brush stroke jamming into teeth under newly tightened braces is awful.

    Since you asked, the worst experience I had with them was tightening the chains attached to my eye teeth. My eye teeth were impacted. The baby teeth never fell out. Eventually they extracted them, leaving two tooth sized gaps on either side of my mouth.

    I got the braces on when I was 15. Once those were in place they did surgery to cut into my gums and glue little chains to the impacted teeth. Those chains were then attached to the wire of the braces. My gums were sewn up around them. I had chains coming out of my gums. It was crazy.

    Every 6 weeks I’d go back for them to tighten the chains and everything in general. When I’d leave the wire of the braces was arched up due to the tension from the chains. I remember one time getting back to my car, this was near the end of the two years when I was driving, and my head seemed to be leaning forward on its own. I imagined it was in response to the pressure on my teeth being pulled down.

    That was the worst pain I’ve ever been in.

  2. Just Jona says:

    I feel you! Getting my braces tightened was one of the worst, ever! I couldn’t chew on food, so I ate noodles and soft food most of the time. It was horrible. I lost a lot of weight. After a while, when I got used to it though, it’s not that bad. And girl, once it’s out, it’s going to be totally worth it! 🙂

    • Crazy A... says:

      Ah thanks girlie! My mouth is already starting to feel better. My teeth feel loose though. :/ That’s the part I don’t like. And maybe I can lose some weight! I need to lose like 5lbs to fit back into my clothes right! haha

  3. Dani says:

    It is a very painful experience! But it is worth it at the end! Be strong!

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