Motivation for the unmotivated

Well it’s officially my first week at work for the month of September. Boy, has this year been flying by. I’ve made a few goals I want to achieve this month but I don’t know if some are possible. It’s hard for me to stay motivated sometimes. You have to help me push through. 

1. My job is so boring at times. I have to make calls all day long to customers to “check” in on them and have my call list cleared by the end of the month. It is so repetitive. I get bored with it after a few days and really slack. Then, when the end of the month comes around, I’m stressing to have my call list cleared. This month I want to stay motivated and push my way through without slacking. I want to have my calls done ahead of time so I’m not stressing at the last minute.

2. I want to start eating healthier. Since I have braces now, I am really limited on what I can eat. I’ve always loved sweets, so it’s been pretty tough going without taffy and gummies. I need to find some sort of replacement for the sweets in my life. Something healthy. Nothing just says “eat me” like a candy bar but I have to stay strong. Maybe unsweetened apple sauce?? Yes, I know it’s sweet, but at least it’s not CANDY!!

3. I want to be more responsible with my money. When I was young, I had way too many credit cards. I went through a consolidating company and had all my bills put together so I would only have one payment…Responsible, Right??? Well, the company I used ended up being fake and I didn’t find out until I had made my payments to them for almost a year. Needless to say, nothing could be done about it and I had to pay the cards off 1 by 1. I finally had them all paid off about 2 years ago. I’m doing pretty good with my money, but it never hurts to be more responsible. I never want to have to use a credit card again and I’d like to actually start setting money aside in my savings account. 

4. This may sound cheesy, but I’d like to pay it forward. Over the years, people have done sweet things for me and I want to do the same for others. Just this past month, while waiting on my boyfriend in the waiting room of a walk in clinic, an older lady was being hassled about her past due balance, I felt really sorry for her and wanted to help her with out embarrassing her. When she was taken back to see the doctor, I paid her account balance. It was only $15, so it’s not like I put myself in a bind. I just know if made her life easier and being able to do that for her, really made me feel good. This month, I want to help others out as well. I just have to keep my eyes open for the next opportunity.

5. I want to post a few more videos on my youtube page. Yeah, cheesy too, but how am I ever gonna get used to it and get famous if I don’t continually post them!!??! Just joking. 🙂 I would like to post more videos though. Not just “unboxing” like I have been doing. 

6. I would like to plan my future and really start working towards it. I want to figure out what makes me happy and go for it. 

Some of these things may sound silly or easy to you, but not necessarily to me. I just got to get motivated and do it! 

What helps you get motivated? 


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I'm a rambler. I like to talk about random, beauty, music, etc.
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