Captain Phillips Movie Review

This past Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went to go watch this movie. He’s been wanting to see it since the first time we saw previews on it months ago. We loaded up on soda and had our “value popcorn bucket” filled…you can refill it for $3.50 every time you go to the theaters, and settled into our seats for the long awaited movie. It started a little slow…and continued to be slow the whole movie. The movie had a really good story behind it but some scenes were just drawn out. Not to spoil anything, but there is a scene in the movie where Tom is screaming for like 5 minutes. Nothing changes…just him screaming. The movie would have been just as good if that scene was only like 10 seconds…you get the point after that long. There were several other scenes in the movie that I thought the same thing….they just drew it out way too long. In all, the movie was pretty good though. Just be prepared with a bucket of popcorn to keep you occupied in the slow times.


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2 Responses to Captain Phillips Movie Review

  1. dragonfly says:

    good to know about that movie. I love getting popcorn at the movies. There are some theaters where I live that refill large popcorns for free. Though its kinda hard to eat ALL that popcorn. lol. I like your blog so nominated you for the versatile blogger award here:

    • Crazy A... says:

      We never eat all of it either! It just seems like a better option because the next size down is never enough! haha:) And awesome! Thanks for nominating me!! I like getting awards. Makes me feel like people actually read my stuff! haha

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