The Voice Season 5 Live Rounds

Oh my gosh! Did you watch The Voice last night? Were they all amazing, or what? 

After almost every person last night, I was like…”They are my favorite..”

After watching it all, I would say my favs are Caroline, Ray, James, Will, Cole, Austin, Preston, Nic, Shelbie …. wow…so practically everyone. Don’t get me wrong, Tessanne is AMAZING, but she’s already going to be famous and knows all these famous people. Nic, Nic, can’t help but love him. He’s just so happy and positive. Cole = ❤ He’s my secret crush that’s officially not a secrete anymore. Ray is HOT. And I love Will. He doesn’t seem to know how good he really is. Preston just sounds so full of Soul. Austin has the prettiest smile. Jason reminds me of Michael Buble’ mixed with Chris Daughtery. 🙂 Shelbie reminds me of one of my girlfriends already. Attitude and all. Love it. Now I know I haven’t really mentioned much on the singing part for all of them but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

It’s going to be a tough season with everyone being so awesome. 

The only person I wasn’t in awe over last night was Grey, and I normally really like her. Last night just wasn’t her best. I think it’t because she spent too much effort trying to “play” the crowd like Adam wanted, and let her vocals go some. She has a heck of some vocals…just not much last night in comparison to the others.

What do you think? Who is your favorite from The Voice?


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