Cleaning out the barn on the weekend!

As you may, or may not know, I live on a little hobby farm. It started with mini pigs and then moved up to lamb, big pigs, goats, and Great Pyrenees. We no longer have the goat, but we have everything else. 🙂

Since it’s been so cold outside, my fiance and I haven’t had the chance to clean out the barn. It started getting really messy, with poo and tools and such not put back in the right place, that we decided to clean it out yesterday. Boy, was it exhausting. I was shoveling poo out of the stalls with a gas mask on because of all the dirt that was flying…and not to mention, the smell!! 


What did you do this weekend? Was yours as exciting as mine? 🙂


About Crazy A...

I'm a rambler. I like to talk about random, beauty, music, etc.
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