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Meet Gizmo…My Chorkie

Meet Gizmo. He is my love! He’s a chorkie….for those of you that don’t know what that is….it’s a mixture of yorkie and chihuahua. ┬áHe literally cracks me up every day. I’ve always struggled with depression…and he is LITERALLY the … Continue reading

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Living in the Music

I’ve always said that music is my boyfriend. I’m not actually sure where I heard that before but it didn’t come from me. (maybe off of a T-shirt?) Either way, I find myself drowning in music around me. For some … Continue reading

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Lone Survivor Movie Review

Spoiler alert…do not read if you haven’t watched the movie and plan on watching it!! Wow…that’s all I could really say after watching this movie. I’ve always been a softy when it comes to love stories and people dying. I’m … Continue reading

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Anyone know where to find these AMAZING goodies???

Hello Hello! The office building I work in has a cafeteria on the main floor that serves lunch daily. They occasionally have these wonderful, amazing, delicious things they call Apple Sticks. (can you tell I love them?) They look like … Continue reading

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Captain Phillips Movie Review

This past Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went to go watch this movie. He’s been wanting to see it since the first time we saw previews on it months ago. We loaded up on soda and had our “value … Continue reading

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Are things just better as a Fantasy?

So I was watching one of my favorite TV shows last night, and it got me thinking. Are things just better as a fantasy? Let me explain my question with a little back ground. So I have been seeing the … Continue reading

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Love is what you make it

Sometimes people have a hard time putting walls down to enjoy it and some times its hard letting go. Love is what you make it. Happiness, Hopeless… It’s power over rules everything. Listen to your heart and your head and … Continue reading

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The Psyhco in Me

We’ve all been there…whether we like to admit it or not, we have. Just maybe not as drastic as I was…Maybe just through Facebook or Twitter or whatever… Here’s my story….I was in love…or so I thought…The guy was a … Continue reading

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My Father

When I was growing up, my parents use to fight all the time and my dad would hit my mom. I think the main issue in the situation was that they were both alcoholics. My mom got married when she … Continue reading

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What to do? I’m so confused. Should I turn right? Should I turn left? Or should I just go straight ahead? What if I turn right when I should have gone left? Or what if I should have just went … Continue reading

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Well It’s the start of a new beginning

Life changes. It’s inevitable. Sometimes for the good, and sometimes for the bad…and sometimes you just don’t know. Looking back through the years, I see that the changes I have been though may not have been the easiest, but they … Continue reading

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